Casa de Oro Library starts program for developmentally-disabled adults

The Casa de Oro Library started a new program for developmentally-disabled adults living in group homes called G.A.M.E.R.S., which stands for Group-home Adults' Mixer - Educational, Recreational, and Social. Partnering with group home chaperones, the library was able to offer their community room to this group of residents. They also provide materials such as books, movies, and magazines, as well as laptops for the adults to use. Additionally, the group home residents enjoyed using the library's Rockin' Recess equipment and adult-interest coloring pages. They received funding in March to host six Adaptive Yoga classes that were well received. Yoga is a wonderful group exercise where the instructor has the adults say their name and choose a motion that everyone does as a group. Even the adults who are severely physically impaired will smile as their chaperones help them with the movements. Yoga provides a calm atmosphere among the adults.