Encinitas Library engages with local library customers

The Encinitas Library began holding a monthly Afternoon Social Hour event in January 2015 to engage local library customers. They were able to discuss programs and services the library could further provide for the Encinitas community, what past programs and events library customers wanted to see return to the branch, and to conduct outreach for social service referrals and information.

Originally adapted from Dallas Public Library's Coffee & Conversation, Encinitas Library staff wanted in particular to reach out to its customers experiencing homelessness.

Through Afternoon Social Hour, library staff was able to not only get a better understanding of the challenges people experiencing homelessness face on a daily basis, but also to get a broader understanding of the social service needs of the community, elder care being of particular importance. Engaging with a wider variety of people has helped the Encinitas Library staff keep their fingers on the pulse of the needs of the library community. Library customers can come chat over snacks and coffee with library staff and other members of the Encinitas community from 3-4pm every third Tuesday of the month. Afternoon Social Hour is supported by the Friends of the Encinitas Library.