Lakeside Library develops Country Living Series

The Lakeside Library strives to stay in tune with the community's interests and needs. Public libraries can be best described as the people's university - a place where everyone is welcome to learn and explore whatever their interests are. Lakeside is a rural community, and economic circumstances have been challenging for many. The library acknowledged the community's rural roots and the growing interest in self-sustainability through the development of the Country Living Series.

The Country Living Series offers workshops on sustainable living, such as urban farming, bee keeping, barnyard owls, drought resistant gardening, graywater use, raising chickens and goats, cheese making, soap making, hydroponics, and much more. This series of programs has inspired the audience to start something new, like herb gardening or raising chickens. Since the series started in January 2014, more than 350 patrons have gained information and education on how to be more self-reliant, live healthier lives, and preserve the environment, all while saving money.

In collaboration with local farmers and organizations, the Lakeside Library looks forward to continuing to promote safe, healthy, and prosperous communities.