Bookmobiles celebrate National Library Week

The San Diego County Library celebrated National Library Week in 2015 during the third week of April. Library branches all over the county were stuffed to the brim with activities and events including Library Workers Day and Bookmobile Day.

Throughout the month, SDCL branches promoted the "I Love My Library" campaign, with an extremely favorable reaction from the community. A few of the responses included: "I love sharing books and stories with my little one during infant storytime," "I love the many stories I can find there!" and "I love diverse books!"

The East Bookmobile hosted a special celebration on Bookmobile Day with music and treats. The North Bookmobile presented a Signature Event Bookmobile Day at Boys and Girls Club at Vista providing snacks and drinks. 85 patrons attended the event. Bookmobile day resulted in 26 new library cards, 136 customer interactions, 41 sign-ups for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, and a 32% increase in circulation for the 24/7 Library To Go Kiosk.