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San Diego County Library teamed up with Blick Art Materials to host a countywide centennial art contest with the theme 100 Years of Stories. The winning entries are pictured below, along with a gallery of Honorable Mentions.

An exhibit featuring artwork from the contest was displayed at the following library branches:

Irene Huang

Del Mar Branch

Sailing Through Books

Kids - 1st Place

When I discovered that the theme of this art contest was "100 Years of Stories," it reminded me of children with all different kinds of characteristics that live around the world, and they read so many books every day. I decided to draw kids sitting on a moon, like a boat, and sailing through a long bookshelf of books!

Clara Truong

San Marcos Branch

Story Time

Kids - 2nd Place

My picture is about a storytime at the San Marcos Branch Library.

Kayla Linthicum

Julian Branch


Kids - 3rd Place

Everyone appreciates the library!

Meagan Moschetti

El Cajon Branch


Teens - 1st Place

Khadijah Amatur-Raheem

Lemon Grove Branch

The Wonders of Reading

Teens - 2nd Place

I always love it when I find a good book that transports you, and I wanted to show in this piece how much I love my local library and the books in it.

Meilynn Shi

4S Ranch Branch

An Unforgotten Legacy

Teens - 3rd Place

In my drawing, a tree sprouts from a love for books and continues to thrive throughout the years. The words on the trunk show how an idea can become a creation and lead to a golden legacy left upon our posterity. This is further emphasized with the metamorphosis of the bookworm on the ground to a pupae, and then to a butterfly in the sky. The ten main branches each display a component of the Dewey Decimal System to portray the development of the San Diego County Library and the library system in general.

Diane Linthicum

Julian Branch


Adults - 1st Place

A couple not yet pictured on the library website celebrating 100 Years of Stories.

Carla Bange

Poway Branch


Adults - 2nd Place

The best first lines of books cover a woman's hair.

Luis Fernando Esparza

San Marcos Branch

100 Years of Culture

Adults - 3rd Place