Cecilia Taylor

Cecilia Taylor is a mentor for the Fallbrook Branch's Foundation for Women Program. The Foundation for Women is a non-profit organization funds for women of all ethnicities to start successful business endeavors, and offers a peer support group. Library staff provide weekly meeting space, dedicate computer time and help the women build partnerships with local business and technology experts to host regular hands-on learning opportunities.

"In the last year I've seen women learn to use a computer, and, by extension, learn to read and write," said Taylor. "Women totally under their husbands' control start to become financially independent by means of small loans that allow them to start their own business. Perhaps the most satisfying moment was when one of the members stood up to recount how she, a quiet and self-effacing person, somehow found the courage to participate as a seller in one of the monthly local bazaars, and of her pride when she told her family that she had sold every single item on her table."