Dale C.

When Dale was eight years old, a family crisis and subsequent health problems caused her to miss many months of school. Without vital reading instruction, she was unable to catch up, and grew to adulthood lacking foundational literacy skills. Dale depended upon her husband and family for help, and spent many years feeling ashamed that she could not read.

Fast-forward to January, 2012: Dale is now a 74-year-old widow with children and grandchildren living many miles away. She feels a strong desire to stay in touch with her family, and knows that reading is essential to using a computer toward that purpose. Gathering her courage, she walks into the Alpine Library with her profound New Year's resolution: "I want to read a book!", and finds out about LEARN, a literacy program that provides a tutor at no cost.

She meets with her tutor regularly for a few months, but encounters more health problems and stops coming. Finally feeling better, Dale shows up in November, asking for more tutoring. She's been using her LEARN workbook at home and knows her reading is improving. She's making another New Year's Resolution for January 2013 - "I want to read a book a BIG book!"