Diane Linthicum

My family has grown up with the library of Julian. When my daughter was little, we spent hours in the tiny-tiny Julian library. We had great fun reading every single children's book they had at least once. Now at 16 years old, I can't keep her in books. She is an amazing reader, and student, as a result. When the new library was built, both my girls and I checked out endless books, videos and books on tape. My girls spent tons of time at the library during the years that I homeschooled (3 years) and my youngest was able to greatly improve her poor reading skills because the library would provide the books on tape and a book to match. It was a tremendous help! Especially Hooked on Phonics and the Hooked on Math series too.

The ladies at the library are amazing! They teach crafts, provide private study rooms (and meeting areas for teenagers) for tutoring, studying and small group meetings and they will help you find whatever you are looking for, whether for cooking, gardening, art, home repair, or anything at another branch I might need! There are musical events, movie nights and summer reading contest. We have taken part in every one of these at one time or another. Julian would not be such a wonderful place to live without our amazing library. Thank you all!

Diane Linthicum is also a talented artist who won first place in the Adults division of the Centennial Art Contest!