Ginny White

My name is Ginny and I have been a life long reader. I was blessed with a dad and mom who read to us when we were young. At that time, our local library was located in the building where Kirk's Bike Shop is now. I loved going there with my older brothers. At that time, you couldn't get a card until you were 7 (I believe), so I would get the rest of my family to check things out for me. It pleases me to still see little kids coming out the door with books in their hands instead of video games.

Our old librarian's name was Mrs. Thompson. She was a really nice lady and helpful to all. Her husband owned a local business in town.

I've spent MANY happy hours in libraries all over, and have read, by now, hundreds of books. I used to really love the old system that was in place for a while where you could order books from any lbrary in the U.S. Sadly, with budget cuts, that isn't possible, but I've found lots of them through LINK+.

Because my parents, brothers and library taught me the enjoyment of books, my two grown nieces love to read as well. There was also a very helpful lady who worked in Ramona for years who taught a beginning computer class. Tara, thanks for teaching me how to set up my email and how to order books; that has been a HUGE BLESSING! I know there are other services the library has that I have not needed, but have helped a lot of people. I sincerly hope our library never goes out of style or becomes obsolete like T-Rex.