Khalil Iqab

Violinist Khalil Ibraheem Iqab fled from Iraq with his family in 2006 and lived in very poor conditions in Syria for 4 years. His approval to resettle in the U.S. came in August 2010. Upon arrival in San Diego County, he and his wife enrolled in the Gateway program at SDCL.

Iqab says he has been lucky to attend the Gateway program and have people from the library willing to help him. "I have an email now with more than 300 contacts and Facebook with more than 800 friends." He was able to contact his friends and fans around the world, collect and download more than 40 years of his lost music. He also learns how to create, copy and burn CDs.

"After learning the computer and collecting most of my old recordings, richly imaginative music begins to ease my heart again. I can practice my music now without restrictions and without interference from the government," said Iqab.

"The library and the Gateway program for me mean access to the outside world, without learning the computer and the Internet, I would definitely have a duller and less fulfilling life in the U.S."