Linda Bovet

In our part of the San Diego County backcountry, county services provided are few. A very welcome and important part of our living experiences is the bi-monthly Bookmobile Library that brings valued resources. Those of us who avail ourselves of these resources sometimes overlook the dedication and caring your staff brings to their jobs. It is with great appreciation that I write this letter of commendation to honor José (Luis) and Martha. They are a treasure to us.

In preparation for their March 13 visit to our location, Stone Ridge at Warner Springs Estates, I posted flyers announcing that they would be offering to those interested savory onions and delicious potatoes to plant in our gardens. And they did just that, overcoming the breakdown of their bookmobile necessitating a trip back to "headquarters" to regroup, pack up another vehicle and adhere to their schedule, albeit a bit late. We were waiting! José and Martha had prepared written directions, packaged onion and potato 'starters' along with José's special garden "brew" to get them established. I'm sure this was at their personal expense and on their personal time.

When one makes the decision to leave the city, in my case Chula Vista, leaving behind its wonderful amenities for the beauty and quiet living of the backcountry, suddenly it brings the realization of, "What have I done?" Bringing their gardens to ours certainly brightened up our day.

On behalf of the community here, I/we thank you and hope that they will continue their bookmobile visits and their interest in those they meet when here.