MacKenzie Moffit & Paula Riddle

MacKenzie Moffit got her library card when she was just two months old. Now MacKenzie is 3 years old and is becoming a "reader" like her grandmother, Paula Riddle. She enjoys going to Ramona's toddler story time every week. At nap time and bedtime MacKenzie always demands 4 or 5 books, and will often lie on her tummy to "read" them.

Beginning with the weekly excursion to a bookmobile in her home town, Ms. Riddle has enjoyed libraries all of her life. She reads about 300 books a year so the library is a must. Paula enjoys requesting books using the online virtual branch at and also uses Circuit/Link+ to borrow books from other library systems. With 33.7 million items available to SDCL customers, "It's as if I can read any book in the world." Paula is also a library volunteer and checks the "Hot.Right.Now" display for the latest books whenever she's helping out.