Moschetti Family

The Moschetti family frequents the El Cajon branch of SDCL, and all three daughters are currently Service Learners. Seventeen-year-old Mariah was the library's first Service Learner and, since the program began in 2008, has racked up over 600 volunteer hours at the library. From shelving and checking in books, to homework tutoring and doing clerical work for the library's literacy program, Mariah has done it all and earned valuable work experience in the process. Fifteen-year-old Meagan started taking art classes at the library years ago, and is now an aspiring graphic designer who spends her volunteer time painting a mural surrounding the library's teen area. Twelve-year-old Grace is a new Service Learner, and enjoys helping out with teen events.

Their mother, Jannine, has always brought her daughters to libraries, starting with baby storytime at a local library in Alaska where the family lived until 2006.

"Libraries represent humanity," said Jannine Moschetti. "The El Cajon Library staff has become our family. Librarians are the gatekeepers of knowledge."