Paul Koeshall

If you enjoy exploring exciting places in exotic lands, and even out-of-this-world adventures, you have an unbelievable opportunity to travel as often and as far as you desire without spending a dime. This too-good-to-be-true offer is simply true.

Our Alpine library offers this free "travel" opportunity. One can enjoy a mini-vacation in lands of fantasy, mystery, romance, etc. There is a time machine quality to this experience since one can go back into ancient ages all the way into the unfathomable future. Last year I took 81 "trips" without bending my budget. What a real deal! An added bonus is the superb service offered by personable and professional "travel agents"...our librarians.

So, our library offers fab free opportunities to hit theroad or soar in the skies. Come along...enjoy the ride! By the way, at this moment I'm enjoying Paris.