Peter Aziz

Peter Aziz came from Iraq five years ago on July 2, 2007. He was the first person from his family to come. He was a dentist in Iraq, so when he came here he needed to study for the National Board Dental Exam.

He started coming to the library almost every day to use resources like "Grey's Anatomy" and atlases about the human body. These books would have cost a lot of money to buy, but he could use them for free at the library. The library is a quiet place where he can study without being distracted. All of the library staff are very helpful and help him get the books he needs.

Now he is a library addict. Whenever he has to write an assignment, his mind automatically thinks of coming to the library. He feels it is his home. Sometimes he comes to the library just to read newspapers or check email. Now that his family is here, his children also love to come to the library. When they need to find a book for school or need help with the computer, one of the staff always helps. Jeremy Williams, the Youth Services Librarian, is especially helpful. They call him "Uncle Jeremy." They also enjoy the craft programs and other activities. Also, he sees many seniors from Iraq reading Arabic books and newspapers. They come because this is a safe, clean place to read.