Rebeca Gomez

Rebeca Gomez is one of the winners of the 2013 José Luis Rodriguez scholarship.

"Mom! Aurita bengo, voy a la bibloteca" is something I would scream daily at my house. The Lincoln Acres Library is more than a public library; to me it's my second home, and the staff I consider my family. I spent my whole childhood in that place. All the experiences and moments I have had in the library have helped me out in my education and most importantly, has shaped me into the person I am now. The staff in the library have always offered to help me continue after high school. Vero would always tell me to ask her anything about college applications, Carol would ask me every time if I was a senior already, and I could ask José anything about my homework. The library has always been there, back to when dear José was among us until now with its new look.

I am truly grateful for the staff and people of the Lincoln Acres community; they are a great part of my life and I thank them for all the memories and experience I will always take with me. I consider the library my second home. It was the place to go when I didn't want to deal with people or when I simply wanted to relax. The Lincoln Acres Library has greatly influenced my decision in continuing my education.