Roberto Velasquez

Roberto J. Velasquez, Ph.D. has been a patron of the Bonita branch for about 20 years. Dr. Velasquez, a retired professor of psychology at SDSU, once told his children, and always told his students at San Diego State University "that the library is one of the best friends that one can have because it never closes its doors to you, it gives you many things without conditions, it gives you all of the knowledge that you want, and it is a loyal friend forever."

A licensed psychologist, Velasquez stopped working in April of 2012 to challenge a legal issue and "The first place that I sought peace, solitude, and guidance was the Bonita Library. Many folks who work at the branch were able to steer me in the right direction and opened up a new world for me that included books on self-help and psychology, guides to healing, and resources on how to 'reinvent myself' so that I could return to the world of work."

Velasquez has since been using the library to conduct career searches and "Yesterday, I had an interview for a university teaching job, and again, I found this university through a computer search I did at the library in Bonita." Velasquez wants "to express my gratitude to the staff of the library as they have changed my life in ways that I could not imagine."