Rosalba Trevizo

I have been a learner with LEARN, SDCL's adult literacy program, for over three years. In September of 2008 I met with a LEARN staff member who did an assessment with me. Ever since I was a child struggling in school in Mexico I had very low confidence in my literacy skills, but that day of the assessment my attitude began to change. Hector, from LEARN, told me that I was reading at the third grade level but that it was possible for me to overcome my learning disability with the help of a tutor. When Hector asked why I wanted help from LEARN I told him I wanted to be able to write letters to my granddaughter and to learn basic computer skills. I never imagined how much support I would receive from LEARN and how much I would benefit from the program.

Two months after the assessment I started working with a tutor. By October of 2009 I had found a job at a public school. By December I had become a U.S. citizen. I have continued to work with other tutors to imprive my literacy skills, especially my spelling, but today I can already write letters, use a computer, and be an active member of my community. Most of all, my confidence in myself has never been higher. I am forever grateful for the opportunity that LEARN and the volunteer tutors have given me.