Ryley Gorence

When Amy Gorence saw an email in her inbox from Scholarshare, she didn't open it because she assumed it was advertising. It turns out she overlooked a notification that her daughter, Ryley, had won a scholarship for $529 through a contest, "Reading Makes Cent$," at the Alpine Library.

Luckily, the folks with California's official 529 College Savings Plan didn't give up too easily. A few weeks later, Amy got a phone call asking if Ryley was still interested. "Interested in what?" she asked. The answer was a big surprise: Ryley's name was chosen, out of all the entries from the San Diego County Library system, to receive $529 in a tax-advantaged savings plan for her college education! As if this weren't enough good news, there's more: the Alpine Library will receive matching funds – another $529 – to spend on materials!

At age 10, Ryley doesn't know yet what she wants to study in college, or which school she'd like to attend. In the meantime, the funds will earn interest until she's older. We are very grateful that Ryley took the time to fill out a card at the Alpine Library, and enter the contest. Reading definitely Makes Cent$ – and Dollar$!!