Schwantner Family

The Schwantner family (Joel - 7, Rachel - 9, twins Noah and Faith - 11, Gloria - 12, Hannah - 14, Isaac - 16, John - 18, Luke - 19, Mike - 21, Ben - 22, mom Jacqueline and dad David) have been Ramona Library customers for more than a decade. "I home school my children and the library has been an invaluable resource," Jackie says, "and we use the study rooms in the new library too, it makes it so much easier for the kids to focus." The Schwantners also come to the library's Homework Helper after school program.

All of the kids love reading. Noah likes action books, Hannah reads graphic novels and books about arts and crafts, and Gloria likes that she can request books from other libraries on any subject or genre.

But it's not all work at the Ramona Library, the Schwantners come to the programs too, everything from the Chess Club to the Henna Tattoos. Twelve year old Gloria even performed in one of the dance productions staged in partnership with a local dance company.

Asked what else they like about their library, 18-year-old John said that the library is "accommodating and welcoming." And as for 9-year-old Rachel, "It's a nice place to hang out."