Shawn Mattson

Ramona is a small town with nothing really to do for kids and teens, so when they built the library they offered a place for teens to hang out, relax, read, play video games and watch movies. And they had clubs for those who looked for a little more excitement. On Fridays they had a jam session. You didn't need to know how to play or sing, you just did it and it was exciting for me and my friends.

But for me the library wasn't just the teen area or the activities – it was the friendly atmosphere and the people who worked there. Everyone there is really sweet and they helped me through some very hard times. At the age of 17 I was kicked out of my house and even though I had a few temporary places to stay the staff at the Ramona library helped me. They did not have to but they did by looking throughout town for a place for me to stay in case where I was staying fell through. And they also encouraged me with my art by offering me chances to show my skill in many activities like face painting, teaching kids how to draw, and helping with other crafts. I've learned so much and made strong bonds through the Ramona library over the years. The Ramona library is like a second home to me.