Timothy McKibben

As an expert user of the library's services, Timothy McKibben frequently utilizes SDCL's catalog as well as The Circuit and Link+ to request many titles that would otherwise prove difficult to come by. Mr. McKibben believes that "Link+ is a huge plus, it is a really special service. And the (ability to get) media through Link+ is a huge positive as well."

Despite his happiness with Link+, Mr. McKibben made a point of stating that his overwhelmingly positive view of the library would persist even if that option weren't available. "It is the County service I use the most, and my favorite."

And not to take anything away from the law enforcement branch of our County operations, Mr. Mckibben even went on to state that "I appreciate the library even more than the Sheriff's department! It's wonderful that you've been able to keep your hours up - including the Sunday hours - as everyday [availability] makes a huge difference!"