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Computer Classes
The Gateway

Computer Classes for Arabic Language Speakers

Curriculum & Goals | Course Handouts | Online Resources | Computer Class FAQs

Curriculum & Goals for Instructors and Class Participants

Gateway / Al-Bawaba Instructor Overview

Gateway / Al-Bawaba Curriculum

How to Use the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Community Learning Curriculum

Gateway / Al-Bawaba Goals for Students and Instructors

Computer Class Handbook: Beginning to Intermediate Levels

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Handouts: Arabic/English

Arabic 101 Keyboard


Computer Components

Creating a Free Email Account

Creating a New Folder

Exercises to Practice Using Search Engines

How Can I Turn Off My Computer?

How Can I Open a Program?

How to Connect to the Internet

Keyboard Information

Modifying Input Language to Search and Type in Arabic

Opening an Email

Saving Files From a Source to Your Computer

Searching for Saved or Forgotten Files

Sending Email

Translating Texts or Web Pages

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Handouts - English

Deleting Messages

Entering a Web Address Into an Internet Browser

Evaluating Internet Resources

Evaluation Form

Inserting an Attachment Into Your Email

Internet Quiz

Introduction to the Internet

Keyboard Commands

Label Window Parts: Internet and Other Programs Open

Learn How to Type With Free Software

Opening Emails

Printing Messages

Search Engines With Arabic

Sign In to Your Email Account

Special Needs Features

Typing in Arabic

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Online Resources

Resources in Arabic

Arabic Music

  • Nogomi: Download Arabic music with a free account.
  • Download Arabic music with a free account.
  • Listen to Arabic music while doing another task on the computer.

Library Resources

Training/Hand-out Ideas

    The Librarian's Index to the Internet describes this site as: An excellent site - in 5 languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, and English. Covers the basics and has a great interactive search engine tutorial using AltaVista.
    This site is described by the Librarian's Index to the Internet as: A "self-paced web tutorial with quizzes designed for beginners to learn about the Internet ." Contains an overview of networks, finding information, tools for communicating, creating web pages, and more. Registration (free) required.

Free Web Services (e.g. email, online storage, photo-sharing sites)

  • Compiled List on the InfoPeople Web Site
    Infopeople is a non-profit organization that provides training to library professionals. The following page from their web site lists free web services, such as the different free email services, places for free online storage, etc. These might be services that you suggest to your customers if they are interested.
  • is a free website that enables you to access any email account type from any PC. Sometimes on the SDCL public-use PCs, as well as other PCs, customers have difficulties accessing their paid-for email services (i.e. AOL, Road Runner, SBCGlobal, etc.) This site will allow them to logon to their respective email account for these types of services (as well as the free ones).
    The particularly helpful part of this site is for when you need to email very large documents (e.g. large PowerPoint files, documents with many photos, etc.) Sometimes the average email account has limits on the size of the files that can be emailed as attachments. This site will enable you to email attachments of up to 1G.

Typing Tutorials

  • TypeMaster
    Unfortunately, can only be used on Macs or computers using the Linux operating system, but if your student has access to one...
  • Keyboarding Books & CD-ROMs
    This search in the SDCL Online Library catalog lists books & CD-ROMs that can be checked-out from the library.
  • Senselang - Touch Typing
    Free program that lets you exercise and learn touch typing.
    Typing games that teach how to use the right finger on the right letter.

Internet Safety for Kids

    This is a great site (created by librarians) with subject-based guided access. They list about 8 websites under Internet Safety (written for kids/students). Under Computer/Internet, click on Internet Safety. (This is a good go-to site for many needs.)
  • Web Wise Kids
    The mission of this web site is to act as an internet safety resource center for parents, teachers and children. It is also our desire to help parents and teachers equip themselves and their children for the possible dangers that lurk in cyberspace, and to prepare them to make good choices when confronted with difficult or confusing situations online.
    This site lets a kid earn a license to drive on the superhighway. Fun and informative concept.
  • Child Safety on the Information Highway
    Children and teenagers get a lot of benefit from being online, but they can also be targets of crime and exploitation in this as in any other environment. Trusting, curious, and anxious to explore this new world and the relationships it brings, children and teenagers need parental supervision and common sense advice on how to be sure that their experiences in "cyberspace" are happy, healthy, and productive.
  • CyberNetiquette Comix
    Welcome to CyberNetiquette Comix, an entertaining, interactive way for families to learn valuable lessons about online safety. Join classic Disney characters for adventure, fun, and online awareness tips. We encourage parents and childrento enjoy and discuss these interactive fables together.
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • "Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace" by Danah Boyd:

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