Jackie Gmach

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Jackie Gmach is committed to teaching and sharing cultural discovery. Gmach came to the United States as an immigrant after living in Tunisia and France and developed a mission to foster Jewish culture in America. Gmach is a community builder and a leader of culture, having served as the Cultural Programming Director at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center for 18 years. Gmach developed life-changing programs such as the San Diego Jewish Film, Music, and Book Festivals. Gmach developed a valued partnership with the San Diego County Library that brought the Davka exhibit and Jewish cultural performances to new audiences throughout San Diego County. Today, Gmach serves as USC Shoah Foundation's project director for Testimonies of North Africa and the Middle East, documenting lives of Holocaust survivors. Gmach's leadership continues to break new ground demonstrating how curating culture can build understanding for generations to come.

"There is always more to do."