June Singer

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As one of the first female Marines, June learned something that has stayed with her throughout her life: "You are a member of the greatest force ever. You are a role model. You go do it."

June Singer is a fixer, a dealmaker, and an enterpriser. After getting a college degree in chemistry she went on to join the Marines as one of the first women to enlist and serve in the first detachment of women at the Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps' boot camp. June retained her resolve and commitment to purpose when returning to civilian life, and since that return has worked for Solar Turbines in Human Resources management, and most recently as an ombudsman. Inspired by the 1965 Older Americans Act, June is remarkably selfless and is a tireless advocate for the rights of elders. She is the County of San Diego's Aging and Independence Services' longest-serving ombudsman, and has volunteered her time for 18 years, fighting for the dignity and respect local elders deserve. Throughout her career two attributes remain constant: her devotion to articulating the needs of those not necessarily seen by the masses and, most importantly, her unequivocal commitment to serving her country and community through service.