Bridget Wilson

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"It's not about you. It's never about you. It's about the people behind you."

Bridget Wilson is a torch bearer for equality, a woman of singular yet universal purpose, a human being who has helped create social and cultural change. Bridget served in the United States Army Reserve before attending law school, and has fought tirelessly throughout her career to end LGBT discrimination, both locally and in the armed forces by working to end 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.' She is a charter member of the San Diego Veteran's Association and American Veterans for Equal Rights. She worked to create San Diego's first LGBT bar association, and served on the board of the AIDS Foundation, as well as co-coordinated the Dixon Defense Group, which defended seven Navy women attacked for lesbianism. Bridget is a political activist, having served as co-chair of the United San Diego Elections Committee, a bi-partisan political action committee. Through a focus on ethics, values, and a belief that anything is possible through action and responsibility, she has spent her forty-year career fighting for the LGBT community's rights and quality of life.