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General Information & Enrollment

What is Library High School?

Library High School allows adults to earn an accredited high school diploma and career certificate online. The program is free and fully online, meaning you can work at your own pace.
Who can apply to Library High School?

Library High School is open to San Diego County residents 19 years or older.
How much does the program cost?

It is free to participate in the Library High School program thanks to funding from the California State Library and the San Diego County Library.
Do I need a library card to participate?

You need a San Diego County Library card number to enroll in the program. If you do not have a library card yet, you can obtain one for free at your nearest San Diego County Library branch or email to request a temporary library card number.
How do I enroll in Library High School?

  1. Complete the online self-assessment.
  2. Enroll in a prerequisite course and pass by scoring 70% or higher. You are required to finish the prerequisite within two weeks of your enrollment in the course.
  3. Finalize your enrollment by participating in an orientation with library staff.
  4. Once you are admitted to the full program, you must successfully complete two courses within the first 30 days of your enrollment.
How long does it take to finish the program?

You will have up to 18 months to finish the program, which consists of 18 credits.

Click here to view our Program Timeline.
Can I transfer credits?

It is possible to earn your diploma in as little as five months if you are eligible to transfer credits. You can transfer up to 14 credits from your former high school or from GED tests you have passed. You will learn more about this step after you finish the prerequisite course. We will explain the process at your orientation.

To request credit from previous high schools: Download the Transcript Request Form and submit it to any past schools you attended.

To request credit for the GED: Go to the GED website and request your GED transcript.
I attended high school in a country outside the United States. Are foreign transfer credits accepted?

We recommend looking into this after you have successfully completed the Part 1 prerequisite. Students who have earned high school credits in a foreign country may complete a 'Course by Course' evaluation through the NACES accredited agency of their choice. Once the evaluation is completed, the student can request to have the transcript sent by email, fax, or mail. Email: | Fax: (866) 390-6331 | Mail: Smart Horizons Career Online Education, ATTN: Student Services, 1280 SW 36th Ave, Suite 104, Pompano Beach, FL. 33069
Is this program available in languages other than English?

Students enrolled in this program must be able to read, speak, and write in English. All students may attempt the prerequisite Part 1 to see if the program will meet their needs. If you would like to improve your English skills, please call 2-1-1 to find a free adult school near you. You may also contact the library’s Adult Literacy Program at 888-466-0668 or
How do I know I am enrolling in a trustworthy program?

Students in Library High School will receive a quality education from a nationally recognized entity. Library High School is operated by library services company, Gale/Cengage, and Smart Horizons Career Online High School, an accredited, private national online school district. You can learn more about the district accreditation process here:
Why is this program sometimes referred to as Career Online High School?

Library High School is also known as Career Online High School. SDCL has renamed the program on our website and marketing materials to highlight this as a new service offered at the library. Library High School is operated by Smart Horizons Career Online High School. COHS is offered at several public libraries throughout the state of California.
Who can I contact for help?

See our Student Support Guide to find out who to contact for your question.

Two-Week Prerequisite Course

What is a prerequisite course?

A prerequisite is something you are required to complete before enrolling in a full program. The Library High School prerequisite class is designed to help you determine if you will be successful in an online learning environment. You are required to pass the prerequisite course with a score of 70% or better.
What if I start the prerequisite course but don't finish within two weeks?

You must finish the prerequisite course within two weeks of your enrollment date to be eligible for entry in the full diploma program. If you do not finish within two weeks, you may take the class again, but you will have to start over from the beginning.

Technology Help

I am not able to connect to the program. What should I do?

First, test your device to make sure it meets our system requirements. If your issues persist, place an online request with Cengage Technical Support.
Am I eligible for low-cost internet or an affordable computer?

You may be eligible for low-cost internet access through various internet service providers. Everyone On is a national non-profit that can help direct you to offers that may be available to you. You may also be eligible to buy an affordable computer from the San Diego Futures Foundation or Computers 2 Kids SD.

Available Courses & Career Electives

How many classes do I need to take to earn my high school diploma through this program?

You must successfully complete a total of 18 credits in the following areas: To learn more about the courses offered in this program, read the core course list.
What career elective courses are offered?

In addition to the core courses, you will have to complete four career elective courses. When you start the program, you will choose an emphasis from one of the following options:
What is a career certificate?

A career certificate provides you with proof of course hours that can be used to apply for a future credential in your career elective field.
Is there anyone who can help me with my high school courses?

Once you are enrolled in the full program, you will be matched with an online academic coach. Your coach will provide you with progress reports, ongoing support and helpful resources.