Sparking Joy in the New Year

It’s that time of year, when the harried tempo of the holidays drives us to believe “if only” we were more organized and efficient we would have all shopping, baking, and mailing completed weeks earlier.

We look to the new year with hope and clean slates.

Visions of meal prepping, time management, orderly closets, and pantries that look like color-coordinated museums filled with healthy snacks and glass storage containers.

“This is going to be the year I get my act together and live my best life,” we think.

It is in moments like these that we turn to beautiful pictorial books showing the how-to of organizing, meal prepping, personal planners, and efficient time management.

Below is a list of great books that give many tips and tools to live an Instagrammable worthy life.

If you are like many of us, you will order these books and be awed by the rainbow-colored shelves and neatly stacked plastic bins filled with dinners for the week. We look through all the beautiful glossy photos and begin to daydream about clean kitchen drawers and thoughtful, intentional bookshelves that reflect our unique style and cerebral interests.

Some of us even order storage bins and place the microwave popcorn servings neatly in a plastic bin, all facing the same direction, only to sigh a week later when 2/3 of the popcorn is eaten and it is now a pile toppling over. Sigh, Instagram is not reality!

Until that day arrives, we keep daydreaming and envisioning a beautiful, organized pantry with neatly organized microwave popcorn servings and enough time and energy to keep it that way.

Happy New Year!

Home Organization

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