At San Diego County Library our focus is on sustainability, which means we care about three things: people, the planet, and prosperity. Our facilities are designed to be eco-friendly with energy-saving lights and renewable energy. We offer programs and services that teach how to live greener, and we partner with local groups to make our community better for everyone.

Sustainability at SDCL

San Diego County Library's Journey Toward Sustainability

San Diego County Library is taking a proactive step toward a sustainable future.

Seeds & Sustainability

The Seeds & Sustainability Project brings seed library installations and all-ages programming across San Diego County.

Sustainable Living

Learn about ways you can lessen your impact on the earth, from water-wise gardening, upcycling projects, mending clothes and more.

Sustainable Libraries

We hold the belief that sustainability is vital, and it's a principle that guides every aspect of our operations, including our buildings.


Countywide Sustainability

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