Book Quiz: Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire is a great series that features seven different kinds of dragons. Test your knowledge of Wings of Fire and figure how well you know your dragons. Which type fits you best? 

A young dragon is called a:
The dragons live in a dragon-shaped land called:
The anti-war movement in Wings of Fire is called:
You are loyal to your brothers and sisters and you will eat just about anything. You are a:
You are loyal to your friends, are always ready to stand up to a bully, and love hanging out at the pool. You are a:
You are artistic, and love colorful flowers and having fun. You are a:
You love mysteries and secrets, and curling up with a good scroll. You are a:
You love the sun, the sand, and spending time with your friends. You just wish the dragons in charge would stop fighting! You are a:
You love excitement! You fly the fastest, burn the brightest, and are fierce in a fight. You are a:
Why does everyone get so hot and bothered? You would rather just stay cool and chill out. You are a:
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