Cook With San Diego County Library: French Pastry

Librarian Cassie Koldewyn recently tried her hand at French pastry, and the results were quite impressive!

“A few weeks ago my parents came to visit. It was a long-overdue reunion filled with lots of great food and time to catch up. One of the best parts of the visit was getting to bake with my mom. We both wanted to try something fun and new and I had a stack of cookbooks from the library.

We settled on the Spiced Caramel Apple Cream Puffs from French Pastry Made Simple by Molly Wilkinson.

We started with the choux dough. After it was prepared, Mom piped the cream puffs and got them baking. Then we peeled and diced the Gala apples. They simmered with some warm spices including cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

Next, we made the caramel sauce and added some to the apples. After all of these components cooled, we whipped our cream with more of the caramel sauce.

Finally, the cream puffs were ready to be assembled! We sliced them in half and filled the bottoms with the apple mixture, next we piped in the caramel whipped cream, and topped that with even more caramel. The choux bun top sandwiched this all together into a tasty, 2-bite morsel.

The cream puffs received rave reviews and were a perfect finish to our meal!”

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