Cook With San Diego County Library: McDougal’s Eggnog Macarons

Need baking inspiration? Look no further!

Library Technician I Shannon MacKellar recently baked McDougal’s Eggnog Macarons from The Countdown to a Cozy Christmas Cookbook, and she was more than impressed!

“When trying to find the perfect holiday recipe, I came across this one and immediately thought, ‘Hey! I can totally do this one!’

Having already won third place at the San Diego County Fair for my strawberry macarons with chocolate buttercream filling in 2019, I felt this would be the best addition to all of the other holiday cookies that are out there. The winter spices make for a tasty, melt in your mouth gluten-free sandwich cookie that typically isn’t done for the holiday season.

I not only shared these with my family, but brought some in to share with my co-workers as well.

They were a hit! I will definitely be making these again in the near future. I may even need to double the recipe so I can have more to share.”

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