Diversity in Picture Books

When you look at a display of picture books, you will see pictures of children from all sorts of cultures and families. This has not always been true. Thirty years ago, when children looked at picture books, they would almost always encounter families that were white, middle class, and with a father that went to work and a mother that stayed home. When there was a person of color in the book, they were usually in the background, and almost never a main character. Many children never found books with families that felt familiar, that reflected their lives.

To their credit, publishers responded to concerns about lack of representation and modern picture books have become more diverse. Today’s children can see picture books that celebrate all sorts of people. This diversity in picture books affirms to all children that they are a valued and important part of the community, no matter who they are.

Diverse Picture Books

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Picture books that celebrate all sorts of people.

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