New Adult Fiction: A Blog Series

If you enjoy humorous fiction, mythology, and chaotic feminist theory, then Shit Cassandra Saw is for you.  

A San Diego native, Gwen E. Kirby is not afraid to present women in an honest and dynamic light in her debut short story novel.  

Witches refuse to get burned, fed-up women turn creepy gropey men into bus fare, and Cassandra relishes in knowing the Trojans will be associated with condoms not glory. Each story sparks an unexpected familiarity as a British tribal queen contemplates being a baseball player, and a Japanese warrior requests to be beheaded.  

Spanning generations, eras, and geographies, Kirby exposes the plight and empowerment of her characters in great comic and fantastical detail. Described as “Margaret Atwood meets Buffy,” Shit Cassandra Saw is a phenomenal treat to end the year.