New Series for a New Year

I ran into a problem the other day. I had read all of my library books, and I couldn’t find another book that I wanted to read. I was also sad because I really liked the characters in one of the books, but now I couldn’t spend any more time with them.

Has that ever happened to you? Although it is fun to try out new books and authors, sometimes we want more time with characters we know and love. The solution is a book series!

Once you find a series you enjoy, you can keep going on adventures with your favorite characters as long as the author keeps writing stories about them.

Try out some of these popular book series. Since the authors are still writing new books for them, you will always have a book to read!

Kids Series

List created by SDCountyKids

Want something to keep you reading? Try out some of these great series for kids. The books listed are all the first book in the series. To find out what comes next, search the catalog by the name of the series or contact a friendly librarian!

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