Science Fiction: It’s not just ray guns and robots

Ray guns! Robots! Space ships! It’s time to talk science fiction! I confess: I love reading science fiction. I get bored when reading about a life that is just like mine. I am more interested in reading stories that explore the question “What would we do if . . .?” “What would we do if aliens came to earth?” “What would you do to survive if you got stranded on Mars?” “What would you do if a robot wanted to be your friend?” “What would society do if there was a global pandemic?”

Many people assume that science fiction is just about science and technology. And they do play a role in many plots. But at its core science fiction is about people. It asks the question: In a world filled with change, how will we cope, what choices will we make, what makes us who we are? What would we do?

Science Fiction: some classics and modern novels

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Science Fiction isn't all spaceships and ray guns. Good sci fi makes you think: about where we are headed, the ways technology shapes our culture, and how we define ourselves. This list gets you started, and moves from classic to modern novels.

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