Summer is finally here!

Finally, summer is here! Long days with no school, no homework, and plenty of sun. Kick off your shoes, pull on a t-shirt, and have a cool drink (one with lots of ice). While you’re relaxing, pick out a book from our large e-book collection, check out a magazine, or take a look at our online Summer Learning Challenges.

But maybe you are ready to get moving? You have finished your cool drink, the ice cubes have melted, and it is getting pretty hot out. It’s time to stop by the library! We have Summer Learning prizes waiting for you and the air conditioning is always on. Check the calendar for fun, free events. Best of all, our gigantic collection of books, videos, and graphic novels will give you something to do all summer long.

Try something fun

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Are you looking for something fun to do? These books will get you started!

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