What makes a rainbow?

Rainbows feel like magic. The rain is almost over, a sunbeam breaks through the clouds and the sky fills with color. Where did it come from? Why can’t you ever find the end? What makes a rainbow?

Make a rainbow with water and sunlight.

On a sunny day, take a hose and spray it into the air. Put your finger over the end to make the spray finer. Point the spray in the direction of your shadow. A rainbow is hiding in the spray. Can you find it?

Make a rainbow with colors.

The League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers shows you how colors work in this fun experiment you can do at home! All it takes is some cups of water, some food coloring, and paper towels. [IMBED VIDEO]

To learn more about rainbows, listen to All the Colors of the Rainbow on Bookflix. Or check out one of these great books:

Let's Make A Rainbow!


What Is A Rainbow?