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  • Click on Log In/MySDCL in the top right-hand corner.
  • Click on Log In/Register.
  • You will need your library card number to create your account. Have it handy.
  • Your temporary PIN is the last 5 digits of the phone number associated with your account.
  • Your new MySDCL account is now ready for you to customize! Log in and experience all its new features.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Library cards expire every four years so that we can update our records. Please contact your branch for assistance.

  • We're launching a brand new chapter this year, from a new logo and website to a new computer system and online account experience.

  • "Place Hold" adds you to the wait list for an item and it will arrive at your branch for you as soon as it's available. "For Later" let's you keep a list of things you want to read/watch someday, but not right now, and you will need to place a hold on it when you're ready for it.

  • Please try the last 5 digits of the phone number listed in your account. If you do not have a phone number listed, try the last 5 digits of the library card number. If you still have trouble, contact your branch library.

  • Due to children's internet protection laws, those under 13 will need to select a color and an animal for their username.

  • If you decide not to provide your birth year and month, the system will assume you are a minor, and for safety reasons, some features will not be available to you.

  • Log in using your library card number. Your username is for your convenience. You can always log in with your library card number.

  • Yes. When this feature is disabled, any existing Borrowing History titles that have not been added to your Completed shelf or to a list will be permanently deleted.

  • Users have the ability to flag spoiler comments. Two flags will trigger a spoiler warning message. Please go back in and flag the comment for review.

  • Please flag the comment. It will be reviewed by a human being and removed if necessary.

My Items

  • One of the new features is AutoRenew. SDCL will automatically attempt to renew your items 2 days before they are due.

  • The community features allows SDCL customers to enjoy the reviews and comments of the broader library community. All participating library users will be able to see your lists and comment if you choose to make your profile public.

  • Unavailable indicates that all copies of the title are checked out, in transit, being repaired, or otherwise not circulating. It is possible the request may be canceled if all copies are determined to not be fit for circulation any longer. The more copies of a title that there are, the better your odds of your hold eventually being filled.

  • The SDCL catalog and website is connected to other libraries who use the same website vendor. This means that you can see book lists and reviews that are submitted by people from all over. If SDCL does not own a title that is recommended, you can check to see if it is available through Link+ or Circuit.

  • No. You can type Stephen King, or King, Stephen. It doesn’t matter.

  • The system is designed to log you out automatically if you haven’t done anything for 30 minutes. This is a security feature, to protect your account from unauthorized use in the event that you forget to log out.

  • If you activate borrowing history in your online account, it will keep a list of everything you check out.

  • For the life of your account, barring technical failures.

My Renewals

  • SDCL will attempt to renew your borrowed item two days before the due date. If successful, your loan period will be extended for 21 days from the existing due date, an additional full loan period. If unsuccessful, you will continue to receive notices about overdue items. You may wish to try to renew manually before you return the item.

My Fees

  • All of SDCL is starting a new chapter, customers included. We have eliminated fines for overdue materials, and left all overdue fines behind in the old system.

  • 28 days after the due date, customers will be billed the price of the item + a $5 processing fee.

More Questions

  • As part of the upgrades, we have a new app! Search your app store for "San Diego County Library" and look for the new logo to find it.

  • All PINs were reset as part of the transfer. Once you have created a MySDCL account and updated your PIN, go into Libby and log in with the new PIN, telling the app to remember this info.

  • If you have turned on check out receipts by text, you will receive one text per item checked out, which can add up to a lot of texts. Consider an email receipt instead, if this is bothersome. Feel free to ask staff to help you set this up.

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