One Book, One San Diego

One Book, One San Diego is our region's premier literary program, presented in partnership between KPBS and over 80 public libraries, service organizations, and educational institutions. Now in its 17th year, the purpose is to bring our community closer together through the shared experience of reading and discussing the same book.

The 2023 Selections


The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together
by Heather McGhee

McGhee embarks on a journey across the country, tallying what we lose when we buy into the zerosum paradigm—the idea that progress for some of us must come at the expense of others.


Iveliz Explains It All
by Andrea Beatriz Arango

Powerful and compassionate, Andrea Beatriz Arango’s debut navigates mental health, finding your voice, and discovering that those who really love you will stay by your side no matter what.


Nigel and the Moon
by Antwan Eady; illustrated by Gracey Zhang

It’s Career Week at school, and Nigel can’t find the courage to share his dreams. It’s easy to whisper them to the moon, but not to his classmates—especially when he already feels out of place.


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One Book is funded by the Linden Root Dickinson Foundation. One Book for Kids is funded by the Payne Family Foundation. One Book for Teens is funded by the Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation.

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