Little Brain Builders: Faces

All babies love faces. Our brains are designed to pay attention to faces, and infants pay more attention to faces than to other shapes. In fact, Stanford researchers found that infant brains process information about faces nearly as well as adult brains.

We are so tuned into faces that we see them in inanimate objects. It doesn’t take much for us to see a face that isn’t really there. All we need is a roundish shape and two dots. Take a look at these 3 pictures and note what you see:

You probably identified a circle, rectangle, and a cloud.

Now look at them again:

Most people now see faces. Did you? Two dots completely change our perception. They give the shapes a personality.

When picking out books for your baby, try picking out books with pictures of faces. Does your child pay more attention to them than to other books? Try some of the books below to find out!

Babies Love Faces

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All babies love looking at faces. Will these board books featuring faces become your baby's new favorites?

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