Little Brain Builders: Quality Preschool Initiative

Early learning and education are so important for very young children as 90% of brain development occurs before 5 years old. There are many ways for children to learn through reading, talking, singing, playing, and writing. If a preschool option is right for your family, selecting one that provides quality and safe learning experiences can be daunting.

Fortunately, San Diego Department of Education, San Diego First Five, United Way of San Diego and many other early learning partners created the San Diego Quality Preschool Initiative to assist caregivers in selecting a preschool or care program that is right for them. They review education program based on seven elements of quality:

  • Child observation
  • Developmental and health screenings
  • Qualified teachers
  • Effective teacher-child interactions
  • Adult-to-child ratios
  • Safe and engaging program environment
  • Qualified early learning center directors

Their vision: “All families with children birth through five and providers in San Diego County will understand what quality is, how to look for it, why it matters and turn to SDQPI [San Diego Quality Preschool Initiative] as a trusted source of information, education and resources.”

Learn more about the San Diego Quality Preschool Initiative.

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