Seeds & Sustainability

The Seeds & Sustainability Project brings seed library installations and all-ages programming across San Diego County.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Seeds & Sustainability Project aims to help the community have a positive impact on the environment through gardening and composting. 

    11 San Diego County Library branches are stocked with a supply of starter seeds to promote gardening and access to homegrown food. Those who take seeds from the seed library do not need to later return seeds to share.  

  • Each household may receive up to 2 free packets of seeds. We encourage households to share seeds with each other since seed packets often contain a lot of seeds! 

  • No! Seeds do not need to be returned to the library. 

  • SDCL is offering seeds from the San Diego Seed Company. These are high-quality, organic seeds that have been adapted specifically for the San Diego region. 

  • Each seed library will feature a variety of food producing seeds such as melon, squash, tomatoes, carrots, and peppers, as well as flowers to support pollinators. Many seeds are California native plants, and others have been regionally adapted for growing in San Diego County (in zones 9 and 10) 

  • In 2022, San Diego County Library received grant funding to support the launch of seed libraries at 11 branches. Libraries were selected based on community need and to allow for access throughout the region. Following the grant period, seed libraries may expand to other locations. 


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